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Bonis Erbo Mint

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Marc de raisin 19% vol.

Peppermint & Chocolate Mint spirit

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Bonis Erbo Mint is a craft spirit composed of 2 types of fresh organic mint, peppermint and chocolate mint. Through maceration of theses fresh mints leaves in neutral spirits we are able to extract fresh minty flavours and slightly chocolaty flavours similar to an after eight taste.

We then proceed to macerate stevia leaves within the alcohol, bringing some sweetness and softness without adding sugar. The sweetness of the stevia matches perfectly with fresh mint taste without overpowering it and bringing a smoothness to the alcohol without a liqueur feeling. It is not a mint liqueur!

Origin of alcohol
Marc de raisin
19% vol.
Chocolate Mint
Neutral Alcohol
Stevia Leaves

The beverage is mostly consumed as an aperitif with ice and sparkling water or as a mint alcohol shot.

We have also developed Bonis Erbo Mint cocktail recipes for you.