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Our Gin Distillery

We are a family from Provence with a past in distillation and 30 years of know how in lavender essential oils. Craftsmanship has always been in our family: from renowned Truffle merchants to the first Cave of fine wines and homemade lemonade. The next generation then spent 20 years abroad vagabonding, absorbing different cultures and learning about spirits. At last Le Vadrouilleur Distillery was born.

Finally we have come back to our roots and to provide a true local gin from the Giant of Provence. Above all, we have used all our knowledge in our product from our distant past to the present day. Enjoy our gin of terroir produced by Le Vadrouilleur gin Distillery.

The Gin Distillery

The idea behind Le Vadrouilleur is to provide good quality craft spirits with organic raw materials and ingredients. Most importantly, the concern of the environment is crucial in each of our decisions. The majority of our raw materials comes from a radius of 20 km and is produced in France.

We aim to showcase our beautiful region of Provence which contains mesmerising landscapes and marvellous botanicals. Furthermore our countryside provides fantastic aromatic plants all year round. The majority of these botanicals comes from the Giant of Provence – The Mont Ventoux. The inevitable solitary mountain with its white summit personifies the territory of Haute Provence.

We use a hybrid copper still which combines the advantages of traditional stills with the precision and control of modern stills. It gives the flexibility to work with the quality and aromas of the products. An ideal tool for the creation of herbal spirits from Provence, with authentic and unique flavours.

The distillery is located in the capital of lavender in Haute Provence, Sault. Within the heart of the village, our place dominates the lavender fields. Above all we are happy to welcome you to our distillery for visits and workshops.