Gin Mistello

Gin Mistello

Our Gin Mistello has its roots deep in our land and our Provencal language. We want to evoke the spirit of the South, the smell of summer and the warmth of the sun. Moreover, it means Alcohol spirit.

A high quality Gin made under the sun of Haute Provence and focused on our local organic botanicals. The juniper and lavender are the base of Mistello. As a result their aromas will bring you straight into the blooming lavender fields and song of the cicadas. Meanwhile the herbes of Provence: Sage, Verbena, Absinthe marry well with the uniqueness of the lavender. Every Mistello bottle is unique: distilled lavender for our cork, recycled glass for our bottle and our organic lavender. Each distillation is an exceptional piece of work.

Nothing tastes better than a fresh Mistello on a lovely Provence afternoon.

Magnificently floral


Juniper, Lavender, Absinthe, Verbena, Angelic Root, Thyme, Sage


The lavender gives this gin a very distinctive floral feel.

Let us help you prepare Mistello in a cocktail that will transport you directly to Provence. The soft lavender aroma makes it perfect to enjoy in a beverage at anytime. The 6 botanicals combine with the lavender give a refined, gentle and exciting taste.

Gin from Provence

Come Back Again

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